RESERVATIONS REQUIRED :  please call ahead to make a tee-time.

MAXIMUM TIME ALLOWED :  18 holes = 4 hrs, 30 min.  or  9 holes = 2 hrs, 15 min.  ALWAYS in effect, even if not busy.

NO SPECTATORS (Walking or Riding) :  Everyone on the golf course must pay a Greenfee (& Riding fee).  No exceptions, not even for small children, sorry.  Maximum of 4 people per group and 2 people per cart (including small children).

DRIVERS LICENSE REQUIRED FOR CARTS :  Children are not allowed to operate the cart, no exceptions.

MISUSE OF CARTS :  Including slamming on the brakes and skidding will result in you not coming back.  Please respect others property.

NO groups of 5 or 6-somes :

RAIN :  Course may be CLOSED for rain, even after overnight rain.  Please CONFIRM your tee-time before driving out.

PACE-OF-PLAY :  A 4-some, playing 18 holes should take at MAXIMUM 4 hours, 30 min. (9 holes in 2 hours, 15 min.)  A 2-some or 3-some should take considerably LESS TIME.  To be blunt, if you’re coming here just to drink/smoke & waste time driving around in the cart, then you will be removed without a refund or not allowed back.

NEW TO GOLF :  New golfers who are just learning the game are ALWAYS WELCOME!  We only ask that you still observe a reasonable Pace-of-Play, thanks.

DRESS CODE :  In effect but semi-relaxed as long as you dress neatly and ACT proper & respectful to other golfers, the course and use the carts responsibly.  Soft spikes only.

Outside Alcohol :  is NOT permitted.  Please purchase your alcohol here.

No Pets Allowed :